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Under Cover!

Sometimes lessons can be learned in some of the most unusual circumstances. For the past few weeks, I have been in preparation and anticipation of yet another geographical move. Anybody who knows me personally, know that having a clean and orderly house is especially important to me. Well, when my bed was disassembled, and the mattress and box springs were lifted; I was horrified at what was under that bed! The only way that I could possibly vacuum underneath it would be to lift the mattress and box spring because of how the bed is made. I cannot even remember the last time I cleaned underneath that bed. Everything else in the room was the picture of cleanliness but underneath that bed was a different story! Things that had gone missing were found under that bed. Crumbs from late night snacking…found underneath that bed. If I wasn’t so tired, I would have been embarrassed! Now the lesson that I learned from this, besides scheduling a regular time of going the extra mile and lifting the mattress and box spring to vacuum underneath was this:

· My bedroom can be likened to the intimate relationship that I have with my Lord.

· If I do not intentionally take the time to ask him to examine my heart; unwelcomed, unwanted and just nasty, ugly things can begin to accumulate without me even realizing it.

· Everything about me may look good on the outside but it is the hidden things of the heart that matter most. What is inside will determine how I behave.

Who would have thought that God would use something so simple to teach such a great spiritual truth!

Can I get a witness?

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