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In His Image Global Network has been a lifeline for me. It fills in all the gaps which are
sometimes lacking in your local body of believers! Prayer requests and general personal
information that I would never share with my local church, able to share freely with this
ministry. The pastors and other ministers are never judgmental and always encouraging and
loving. The prophetic anointing is always present and the prophetic Word that goes forth is
always confirming and straight from the heart of God!
~ Erica

This ministry is filled with prayer warriors. If I am in a season of trial or triumph, these ladies are
there, ready to pray. I thank the Lord for allowing me to serve Him alongside these precious
Sisters in Christ. It is such a blessing.
~ Susan

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my testimony about this ministry. It has
answered prayer that I've been praying for in the last 23 years. My heart has been to empower
men by sharing and living the Word of God. It's so good to listen to other godly men from other territories share their experiences on this journey of becoming a man of God. Sharing the
difficulties, the failures and successes. The key to it all is being transparent. Thank you, Mike,
for the vision of bringing us together to help prepare us as men, now, and for the future
generations of men.

When it comes to IHI Global, the impact it has had on me is nothing I could have ever imagined.
Before I knew anything about IHI Global, I was introduced to Michael and Vera Warner. My very
first encounter with them automatically made me hunger and thirst for God more than I ever
had in my entire life. The teachings, mentorship, fellowship and relationship that I've gained
through IHI Global have encapsulated me into a spiritual metamorphosis that has changed my
image of myself but also the trajectory of my life. God Bless IHI Global in the Mighty name of Jesus.

From the very beginning of IHI, I have been inspired to grow in my spiritual walk with Jesus, and
in my skills. The ministry has always allowed the spirit of God to flow freely.
~ Lisa Marie

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