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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Off the Chain and Out of the Box

Sometimes after reading my blogs people have commented, “Girl, you are a mess!” Yep, I guess I am if it means that the way I sometimes describe situations and relationships prove to be a little unorthodox, and off the wall. It seems like the older I get the freer and more comfortable I become in who God has created me to be. I believe that Father has a sense of humor that exceeds what we can even imagine. He takes pleasure in those ideas that I have petitioned Him for. Ideas that are zany and that can cause us to go from a little giggle into rip roaring, knee slapping laughter. Some of the content of my blogs will be quite soul searching and some content will be quite amusing. The Father will use both to speak to your heart and change your mind. Come and have a cup of coffee or tea with me as I indulge in free and unrestricted banter (off the chain). I dare you to allow your mind to venture into thinking outside the box, going beyond the norm and head into a new perspective…thinking differently and creatively!

                                                                                               ~ Pastor Vee

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