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Love of Christ in Action

Freedom Outreach is a Ministry to the Military that serves and ministers to members of all branches of the uniformed military services and their families. In addition, the Organization regularly serves military veterans, expatriates, host country nationals and their families througha variety of

both traditional and innovative methods. Services are currently delivered at diverse locations in the USA and in 17 different  countries.


In the United States, Freedom Outreach is available to network with and provide resources to
churches and para-church organizations near U.S. Military facilities. Alumni from overseas centers,  veterans, and active-duty military men and women assigned in the U.S., frequently will look for a church that is associated with the Freedom Outreach overseas. These are designated variously as “Military Contact and Military Outreach Churches.”


Operation Love of Christ in Action 


LOCIA is a ministry that was started by Retired Sergeant Major Willene Orr., United States Army. She was moved by GOD to not just talk about what should be done for those on the Frontline (during the pandemic and beyond) but to show the LOVE of Christ in action. In April 2020, it began with drawings. Willene would sketch as she was impressed by the Lord, and then put them on paper and foam board.


The artwork was transferred onto t-shirts, masks, mouse pads, coffee mugs, and coasters. Each item was embellished and delivered to those workers who were front liners, along with food. Since that initial demonstration of the love of Christ in action to front liners, she has suppled artwork and lunch to schoolteachers, police officers, and our military personnel. In His Image Global has partnered with LOCIA as another way of not just saying that you are loved and appreciated but proving that the love and appreciation is real!

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