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In His Image Global Network began as a statement from the Lord,  You will minister to many
women. The ministry began in 2000 with monthly newsletters and on May 21, 2001, the
ministry was incorporated with an initial board of eleven women. The ministry & name came to
our founder one morning as she was assisting a group of women at a yard sale in the parking lot
of Big Lots in Augusta, GA. Again, the Lord spoke,  The ministry name will be, In His Image
Women of Excellence. From that time onward, we endeavored to have at least one annual
conference that included women and men from the USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, the
Netherlands, and Africa. Throughout the years, IHI has become an international ministry, and
our influence has progressively expanded around the globe! With the expansion of the ministry
and being reminded that we cannot continue to do things as they have always been done and
expect change, In His Image Women of Excellence has now developed into

In His Image Global Network.



In His Image Global Network, Inc.

A transformed heart produces a transformed life, and a transformed life can have an impact upon the entire world! 

We are available, ready, and intentionally making a difference to aid in the transformation of lives. One life at a time!

To empower subsequent generations to reach the nations.

Our Commitment
• A source of encouragement for people around the globe that they are valuable and esteemed in the eyes of God, and that He has a purpose and destiny for their lives.

• Affording opportunities for ministry whenever, wherever, and for whomever God
divinely connects us to.

• Prayer support for those needing prayer and ministry opportunity for those who
covenant with us to pray.

Our Focus
The will of the Father is what we seek in everything we say and do. We will intentionally be
sensitive to the Spirit of God, and obedient to His direction! We will endeavor to maintain a
spirit of excellence and integrity in all our dealings, both inside and outside of the ministry.
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