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Samantha Roach (United Kingdom)

Beauty for Ashes empowers women with the truth of their Heavenly Father’s love towards them. Enabling them to receive truth about their identity, receive inner healing, restoration and transformation; allowing them to walk in freedom and their purpose. We do this by doing The Freedom Workshops and monthly group meetings.

One of our main outreach programs is for the women in Yarl’s Wood Removal Detention Centre. Yarl’s Wood is a detention Centre for foreign nationals prior to their deportation from the United Kingdom. Some women detained here do not have family support and have come from many backgrounds. We just love giving a helping hand where needed.

We attend Yarl’s Wood church service to bring encouraging messages to them. We also provide practical support by visiting them on a one-to-one basis, being a listening ear, showing love and support, and helping them with toiletries, clothing, books, monetary gifts and suitcases.

Beauty for Ashes brings Hope to the Hopeless!
(United Kingdom)

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