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Those Who Are Incarcerated...

This morning I will be recording a bible study for incarcerated women and I am honored and a little apprehensive. I am not apprehensive…fearful or anxious to do the study but it is having to sit in front of a camera. I am still not quite used to doing it this way. I am a people person and I love physical interaction. But I will not complain.

I am fortunate to have my freedom. I am not behind bars, but I have an obligation to help those who are. The incarcerated women have not had bible study or religious services on a regular basis in over a year. This grieves my heart. It grieves me because I remember some of their faces so clearly. I see the regret, the longing, the apprehension, the sorrow, and the lack of trust. But I also remember the love, the joy, the worship, and praise for the God of a second chance!

My prayer is that God will use me to be His vessel. I want His voice to be heard in my words, and His heart to be felt through my heart. I pray that the recording would not be a barrier in any way but just another way that God uses to convey His love, power and His truth; offering hope and favor in the coming days ahead.

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