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Loving the Rain

It has been raining for quite some time now, and I am getting drowsy! It’s no wonder. All my life I have heard the old folks say that when it is raining, it's good sleeping weather. I guess it is the steady drum of the falling rain that eventually comes in synch with the beat of my heart and is soothing, especially when I am not getting wet!

Sometimes I will instruct Alexis to play sounds of rain to help me sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Sorry, I do not count sheep. I do pray, but not all the time, and sometimes I allow my mind to think and think and think. It is daunting to find myself not being able to turn off my thoughts and give my body the rest that it needs. Hey, I am still a work in progress!

The sound of thunder, while it is raining, does not scare me. I welcome it. I am fascinated by the low and loud boom sounds that are aggressive and powerful. When we were children, and it started to thunder, we were told to sit, quietly, while God did His work. We would turn off the television and radio and all other electronic devices. To this day I still find myself not using my phone during a thunderstorm. I will also get off the computer when the thunder and lightning begin. I guess some old habits die hard.

Well, I give in. I am off to my recliner with my throw in tow to listen to the rain and permit it to lull me into a much-needed rest for this ole body!

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