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Love is...Letting Go!

As I close out the month of February, I once again reflect on love. I recently decluttered my home, starting with my clothes closet. As I pulled out all the things that I had not worn in a couple of years and those things that no longer fit, all I kept thinking was how blessed I am to have so much! Even when I put those items in a container, I thanked God and prayed that they would be a blessing to someone else. It was an act of love in action. Was it difficult getting rid of some things, yes it was. But the thing that living through the pandemic taught me was that I did not need as much as I thought. I even went through my coat closet and found a treasure throve of coats, hats, scarves and gloves that someone other than myself can use. Things that I loved were passed on to someone else to love and the circle continues. Isn’t it strange how we can love things so much and they cannot love us back?

Today, I go through my books, and I have a ton of them. Books that have taken me on adventures beyond my imagination and have helped me to become a better writer. There are books I used to study for my credentials and books that helped me to expound upon the Scriptures to prepare for teaching bible studies. I do not know what to give away and what to keep. It will truly be an act of love. I will pass them on so that someone, somewhere, can also go on glorious adventures and or become a better a writer.

Now here’s the thing: I must resist the temptation of going out and buying replacements. I must resist the temptation of finding other items that I fall in love with and convince myself that I have just got to have. I must focus more on relationships…. loving people more than loving things.

I never thought that I would ever get rid of some things that I have. But I did and I know I am better for having done it. Pray for me! I still have the designer handbags and shoes to go through as well! I may need someone to come and lay hands on me!

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