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Fell Off the Wagon

I normally only get on a scale when I must. It is usually when I go to the doctor’s office. A few days ago, for some odd reason, I got on my digital scale and weighed myself. The numbers on it show up red and when I saw my weight register, flashing in red; I almost fainted on the spot! I have never weighed that much in my life! Not even while pregnant with either of my children. And during the two-year pandemic period, I never gained a pound! It mortified me. It devastated me. I felt like someone had stuck an air pump in my mouth on maximum setting and pumped until they got tired! A month ago, I did not weight this much! What did I do or not do? Woe is me! I am undone. I’ve turned into a porker over night!

Then it occurred to me, as I talked it over with myself, “Vera, you went by the Pineland Bakery several times in the past few weeks. Remember that big hunk of key lime cake, the key lime muffins, and that giant apple fritter? Yep, you ate them all! Oh, and don’t forget the Barn Wagon Bakery. You sampled the carrot cake muffins and that oatmeal cookie whoopie pie. Then you washed it all down with peach tea, or bold ginger ale. Then you tried to convince yourself that it wasn’t so bad as you drank a BIG glass of ice water. You also discovered that Panera Bread has the best giant lemon drop cookies on the planet! You polished off three in a matter of two weeks.”

What is happening to me? I had joined a fitness and exercise program and was doing so good, but I have fallen off the wagon! I have never eaten so much sugar in such a short period of time in my life! I have failed myself. I have failed my body and I need to get a hold of this thing! I am spiraling out of control.

Well, today is a new day and I will take it one day at a time. I will probably go through withdrawal as I convince myself to…BACK AWAY FROM THE DESSERT! I have no problem eating my veggies and fruit! I have allowed the “sugar demon” to oppress me long enough! Today, I choose to not eat another “fat pill” until I have earned it by once again eating healthy. Yep, I may have fallen off the wagon, but I know how to get back on it and ride again! Oh, and while I am coming clean; I was wearing my fit bit the entire time! Yep, I need help y’all!

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