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A Peaceful 42 Years

This week my husband and I celebrated 42 years of a peaceful union. Now don’t get me wrong, that does not mean that we have not had arguments or disagreements. It does not mean that every one of those years has been perfect. But what it means is that we have loved one another and stuck with each other by intentionally choosing to stay committed to our marriage. In 42 years, we are still learning what it means to honor and respect each other by putting the other first before all others.

I guess it helps that we have performed a few weddings and vow renewals and every time we hear those vows, rehearse those vows, it serves as a remember of what we promised to each other and to God. We take our marriage seriously.

It also helps that God has given me the perfect man for me. Have I always loved him as I do now? Certainly not! But oh, how could I not love a man who has never verbally, or physically, abused me? How could I not love a man who has never called me anything but honey or my name? How could I not love a man who calls me on the phone just to hear my voice? How could I not love a man who still makes me laugh and tells me I look like Bootsy Collins with my bejeweled sunshades on? This will fly over some of your heads, but others you know who Bootsy was and his trademark shades!

Yep, 42 years and still going strong. And when you cross the threshold of our home, it is peaceful because we are at peace with God and each other.

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