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A Little Dab Will Do Ya?

You know, I thank God for the inventor of ice cream. I have had some of the best ice cream on the planet! When I was growing up in Norfolk, VA the best ice cream was from High’s Ice Cream Store and they would have specials whereby you could get a whole pint for 19 cents. Pineapple sherbet was my favorite. Today a pint might cost you more than three dollars depending upon the brand. Then when we lived in Ayer, Massachusetts there was a seasonal place called Kimball’s Farm (Westford, MA on Littleton Road) and they offered ice cream so good that people would line up for hours and drive great distances just to get a scoop! I believe that they had the cows out back and my favorite was plain old vanilla! Then just when I thought that it could not get any better than Kimball’s our family got transferred to Europe and oh my I was introduced to German ice cream! They took ice cream to another level. To go to any ice cream shop and watch them turn that stuff into works of art was mind boggling! They say that we eat with our eyes first before tasting what is set before us. I tell you every time I went to an ice cream shop in Europe, I gained pounds just trying to decide what I wanted. The ice cream trucks were just as good, and those little scoops of pure delight did something magical to the emotions. I wanted to break out into my own little “ice cream delight” dance move! My favorite was Amaretto with the little round cookies thrown in to add just a little crunch. Oh, it was also there that I discovered to be careful that I did not order the ice cream with the liquor added. Now who in the world decided that ice cream should give you a buzz while eating? Something is so wrong with that! LOL

It has been a few years since I have been in Europe, but I still get my ice cream fix! I get to go to the Marble Slab and just watching them slap that ice cream on that slab and add my choice of anything that I desire just makes my mouth water! My favorite is butter pecan with extra pecans. The fact that, in my later years, I suddenly became lactose intolerant does not even phase me! I just down a few enzymes with my first bite and indulge. Just the other day while traveling I saw a DQ sign and my mind and taste buds went there! A few minutes later, without any prompting at all, my husband asked if we could stop at Dairy Queen. Great minds think alike! My choice was a strawberry sundae and I et the whole thang! It did not even come close to Kimball’s or European ice cream but it was good, and I enjoyed it immensely! Sometimes, a little dab will do ya!

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