Watch Him Move Prayer Team

We cannot do anything for God until we have prayed!

According to Matthew 7:7-10, prayer is an opportunity to approach the greatest father of all time and openly express our needs and desires and ask for help! But could the God of the Universe really care about the little details of my life? This is the heart of the Christian message – that God cares deeply about each one of us and has provided a way for us to have an authentic, intimate relationship with him. Prayer is one of the incredible blessings of the Christian faith, for the more we believe, the more God reveals himself.

At times we may be tempted to pray to God as if He were a genie in a bottle. We hope that, if we are lucky, He will hear and act according to our wishes. Rather than using God as a means to an end, in prayer God is the end. As believers we pray trusting in the character and power of God.

Praying people have reported miracles and answers to prayer that they never would have imagined and certainly couldn’t have created on their own. They believe that prayer made the difference. Imagine a miracle that you would like to see – maybe for a sick relative, a child receive salvation or a seemingly hopeless situation. Could prayer be your answer? Could miracles become your experience?

Prayer is a fundamental part of this ministry, we do nothing without prayer! ‘Watch Him Move’ is our team of anointed intercessors from USA and Europe who meet weekly on a conference call to pray for the ministry, the body of Christ and submitted prayer requests. Since its inception in 2006 we have experienced salvations, healings, deliverance, restoration and many miracles through the power of prayer.

Through the many years of praying together we can testify that:

  • Prayer is paramount to the hearing of and obedience to the will of God.
  • Commitment is an essential expression of obedience to the Father.
  • Sacrifice – Both prayer and commitment means sacrifice on the part of everyone called to pray.
  • If you feel that God is calling you to join us in prayer then please sign up today!

We are looking for women who will go to war on their knees. What about you soldier, in the Lord’s army, are you ready to take your stand and fight in prayer?


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