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Today, I celebrate me!

Today is my birthday but the celebration started days ago. I have had so many well wishes from those whom I love that it has been astounding! So, you know that it got me to thinking a lot and I do not take my life for granted. The question is why celebrate my birthday. To a lot of people their birthday, the anniversary of the day that they were born, is just another day. But it isn’t just another day to me!

My birthday reminds me that one day God decided that He would create a creature who whose race would be Black and that I would have brown skin, brown eyes, and kinky hair. My parents would be Leroy and Geraldine and I would grow up in the projects. I would graduate high school and be the first one in my family to earn a college degree. I would join the United States Air Force and serve my country for several years. And then, the most important decision of my life would be that would I surrender my life to Him and answer with a resounding “yes” to the call to ministry. I would meet and marry the finest man on the planet. I would meet a man whose name means “one who is like God” and together we would raise two children and they would bless us with grandchildren. And yet this birthday is not even close to the end of the story!

I celebrate the anniversary of my birth because my Lord created me on purpose with purpose and I have been destined for greatness! He did not make a mistake! I am here. I am alive and I am one grateful lady! Feel my happy dance coming on!

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