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There is no pit so deep…

It was Corrie Ten Boom who said, “There is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still”. I have thought about her quote quite a bit over the past year and especially now when I am getting more and more notifications of friends, family members and acquaintances that have lost their fight with COVID-19. I have watched, listened, and prayed sometimes to the point that when I go before the Lord I wonder, “Lord, how do I pray”? In other words sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I am at a lost for words! But then I must remember that my Lord is so omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent that He hears my heart even when I cannot speak, that He knows my thoughts even when I cannot articulate, and I am humbled by His grace!

I am looking forward to 2021 and I am expecting bigger and better things! I am expecting the excitement of something new on the horizon. I am thinking outside of the box and not expecting things to be as they have always been. I am looking for that new thing! Normal may not ever look like it once did! But that’s okay because my trust is not in normalcy but in God who, just when I think that I have a handle on things, shows me that I do not! Then He tells me to “trust Him” and my mind is at peace!

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