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The King of Kindness

I am not a person who has to have music playing every single minute of the day. My husband is that kind of person. He loves all types of gospel music and artists. When we are riding together in the car, he will play different songs for me and some of them I have never heard before. Some of them I like, some of them I love and some of them I don’t care about so much.

Some time back, he played songs by a worshipper named Brian Courtney Wilson. One song really got my attention, “Our Father is Kind.” It was really timely as this month; my focus is kindness. The song left such an impression upon me that for the past two Sunday mornings while preparing to go to church, I have played it repeatedly.

I sat down at the computer this morning and the thought came to me concerning just how “kind” the Father is. He is the “King” of Kindness. Forgive me if I take this so personally for the next few minutes. First, His love for me exudes kindness. Lovingkindness, mercy, and grace are just who He is. My God is so benevolent towards me and cares so much about me and everything that concerns me. It just blows my mind! Lately, there have been at least three instances that I specifically prayed concerning a thing and within hours, He answered in such a way that I knew it was Him. I could not attribute it to anyone else. Yes, My Father is kind! He blesses me with love, joy, peace, and kindness! I can be kind because He is kind. I challenge you today, show a little kindness!

  • Give someone a compliment…it will cost you nothing.

  • Say please and thank you…it will cost you nothing.

  • Simply smile instead of frowning…it will cost you nothing.

  • Call your mom and let her know that you just wanted to hear her voice. It will cost you nothing.

  • Send a card of encouragement to someone handwritten through the mail. It will only cost you a little time and a stamp.

  • Take a case of water to someone who cannot readily do it for themselves. It will only take a little time and a little cash.

  • If you are someone’s boss, let your workers know how much you appreciate their hard work and buy lunch for them.

  • Offer to babysit for that single mom who desperately needs a break and give her a gift coupon to have a pedicure.

  • Make an act of kindness list of ten things that you can do and just do them one by one.

You will feel better about yourself, and you will certainly make someone’s day! Our Father is kind. He is the King of Kindness!

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