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The Gifts Within

A year or so after I entered a relationship with the Lord, I had either a vision or a dream. I knew at the time that it was a spiritual dream or vision that came from the Lord and not a manifestation of a busy mind or something that I had eaten and gone to bed on. Let’s just call it a dream. In the dream there was what I knew to be an angel of the Lord standing in the doorway that was between my kitchen eating area and the living/dining room. He was so tall that he filled the entire opening. Suddenly, he turned and gestured toward my couch and said, “All of these are for you.” His lips never moved when he talked. But I heard and understood everything he said to me in my mind. When I looked toward the couch it was loaded with gifts. There were big ones and medium sized ones. There were no small gifts present. They were of the same shape, but the color of the wrapping and bows were all different. I remember feeling so happy and excited.

Throughout the years what was revealed to me in the dream has come to my mind time and time again. As a matter of fact, I am writing this blog because a few days ago it came to mind and I shared it and just this morning it came back to my mind again. You see I know that God has given me many gifts and most of them I have not even been keenly aware of. Some of them just seemed to be there fully operational and others not so much. They needed to be developed. But all of them, even at my age, have not been opened yet. Why? I mean He gave them to me which means He meant for me to have them so to the natural mind I should have been able to open each one right then and right there, right? No! When I go to buy gifts for my grandchildren sometimes, I look to see whether they are age appropriate. I must trust that the manufacturer has done its homework and that the items that they are selling have been assessed against a child’s age, creativity, language skills, verbal judgment, focus, and emotional awareness.[i] And these are just some of the things that are considered. I must trust that they issue appropriate warnings against hazards that could occur if a child is given an item that they are not ready for.

All of this got me to thinking. There are gifts that my Lord has given to me that I am just now becoming aware of and I am so excited. Some of them are still being developed and He keeps right on connecting me with the right people to help me in the process. As I reach for another package, I have no idea before I open it what is contained there in but one thing I do know is that I trust the Gift Giver and He never makes a mistake. To be continued…


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