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Suga Lump

It is amazing how God will encourage us by showing us just how much He loves us. He did that for me just when I needed it most and did not even realize it. For the past few months, I have been in the process of making yet another geographical move. Moving with 40 years of stuff can be quite daunting but none-the less I am grateful to have a home to move in to. It has been months whereby “exhaustion” has attempted to be a constant companion and I have had to face the fact that I just do not have the energy that I once had. My mind says, “yes you do” but my body says, no you don’t”!

A few days ago, my husband and I went to a restaurant. Our waitress was excellent and made us feel so welcomed. We were seated close to the kitchen area and as such, without ease dropping we could hear her talking. She had one of those loud voices that seemed to just resonate through the restaurant. I noticed that she would say sweetie a lot but also “suga lump” to her customers. Now I know that some of you readers might find that annoying or insensitive or just plain unprofessional. But to a little girl who grew up in the south, “suga lump” was a pet name that my grandfather had for me, and I knew that I was loved by him! So, to hear that term of endearment being said to me by a stranger was timely and welcomed and I thank God for His love and kindness towards me when I so needed it. My grandfather went home to be with the Lord in 1985 and some 36 years later his pet name for me still warms my heart and I am grateful. It is in the small things that we find precious treasures that bless us the most.

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