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Stronger Than You Think!

I have often heard the saying, “Women are like tea-bags—they don’t know their strength until they are in hot water.” Now, I am a tea drinker and I know that the hotter the water, the more concentrated my tea will be. There is nothing like making a strong cuppa earl grey with sugar and milk - preferably in a mug instead of a fancy cup and saucer. There is nothing like having my cuppa tea while sitting in a BIG overstuffed chair, a throw wrapped around me and one of Francine River’s novels in hand. I know how to relax when I need to, and this is it y’all!

I also think about the trials (represented by hot water) that women go through daily. Sometimes it seems as though we must be all things to all people. There was an advertisement by a perfume company, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never let him forget he’s a man 'cause I’m a woman” … Now, I don’t mind him bringing home the bacon if he puts it in my hand! That last sentence was me not the perfume company! LOL

Ladies, whether we bring home the bacon or fry it up in a pan or not; we are a force to be reckoned with! We are not weaklings but can be as strong as a wrecking ball if need be. We don’t need to sit on or swing from the ball! We are the ball so step aside!

Trials come and we make it through them. If it was not for them, we would never know how strong we really are. You may not hear us verbally exclaiming gratitude for the hard times but inside all of us beats hearts of gratitude because we realize that we are the stronger for them.

So, the next time that you feel that you have reached the end of your rope. Tie a knot in that puppy and hang on for dear life! You are going to make it! Besides, you got all your Sistas standing on the sidelines cheering you on, “You are stronger than you think you are…keep it moving”!

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