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The meeting had been called for 7 pm and everyone had arrived on time. We were a very diverse group. We were both men and women and represented at least five different nationalities. We were all sitting in my living room, so it was rather cozy, and everyone was in a good mood. As the meeting started and we went through all the preliminaries, questions were asked which made for discussion after discussion. Because there were quite a few of us the big overstuffed red suede couch was full along with two of the dinette chairs at the table and one dinette chair right next to our beautiful aquarium. The aquarium was my husband’s ongoing love project, and it was truly a sight to be seen. They say that having an aquarium is one of the best things that you can have as gazing at the fish swimming back and forth always brings a sense of calmness that can lower your blood pressure.

The lady that was sitting right next to the aquarium must have had a very tiring day. As the meeting went on and on, she became rather drowsy, and I was drawn to keep my eye on her. Her head rested on the side of the tank and began to slide down as she was overcome by drowsiness and its effects caused her to lean forward. It never occurred to me that I should do anything other than let her take a little power nap until I noticed that she had on a wig! The more her head leaned forward and slid down the more that wig was sliding off the back of her head! I mean didn’t she feel what was happening. Or had she slipped into an almost coma only hearing the drone of the voices and oblivious to anything else. Well in a less than a second, I decided to “help a Sista out”. I shouted her name and being the ex-military person that she was…she woke up quickly, accessed the situation and got herself sorted out. Everyone howled! You see the others lovingly laughed at her suddenly waking up…startled, but only she and I knew the real catastrophe that had been avoided! Sisterhood is something else! It has no race, creed or color. It is being there for one another no matter the situation or circumstance. It is, “I’ve got your back” and we will be there for one another and both cry and laugh together! It is love, and honesty and loyalty and listening with a discerning ear. I thank God for the sisterhood! We are a force to be reckoned with!

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