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As I sit at the computer remembering that I am behind in writing my blog and confessing to the Lord that, “I got nothing” I am reminded about something that He put in my heart months ago. I was reminded about 2021 being the year in which I am to focus upon relationships in my life. I am naturally a people person. I love interacting with people especially the people of God. In the family of God, I can honestly say that I meet no strangers. There are people in the family of God that I am closer to than my own blood relatives all because we have taken the time and effort to cultivate our relationships. To cultivate a relationship is no easy task as it takes time, sacrifice, vulnerability, transparency, honesty, and loyalty to name a few. It even means coming to the realization that some people do not want to cultivate a relationship and we must allow them the right to do so.

My stepfather transitioned this past week and it got me to thinking about how the relationships that I allow to be developed while I am living in the now will have an affect upon the legacy that I leave behind. What will be said of me when it is my time to make that transition? My ultimate concern being when I stand before my heavenly Father I expect to hear, “Well done.” With that said I must give a lot of thought concerning my relationship with God. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic there was a lady on social media that performed a short skit concerning the saints not being able to attend church as usual. She had fallen out in front of the church doors and was having a hissy fit because she could not go in. I laughed so hard! There was a lot of truth to it. You see religion is one thing, but relationship is another. What happens to a people who have religiously gone to church because it was the right and fitting thing to do and suddenly find themselves to not be able to religiously attend as they once did? Do they stop serving the One who gave them life? Do they stop praying to the One who sustains them and heals them and keeps them company when there is no one else there? What happens in the relationship?

During this past year I have found that my husband and I are talking more to each other than at each other. It seems that we had been so busy at doing life that we had forgotten what it meant to really live! We could finally take a step back and do a re-evaluation of what we meant to each other and what God’s intention is for us individually and as a couple! Our love for one another has grown and we are more attentive to one another’s needs.

Our children are grown. They no longer must obey us but respect us. We are learning to stay out of their business and to be present when they need us, and only give advice when they ask for it. We are learning how to better pray for them. They check in with us more and we can talk about what happens…what the expectations are as we get older. This is reality and something that would not be fair to put off discussing. We want them to know what is to be done… have our wills in place. We do not want there to be any squabbling because we did not do what we should have done on our part.

Then there are the relationships outside of family. I have very few close friends. But it is important to me to have those women who will tow the line with me. Those who accept me for who I am with all my flaws. There are my spiritual daughters whom I love and who take the time to listen to wise counsel. There are the ladies that have been with me in ministry for many years. Then there are ride or die relationships. Those proven ones who refuse to walk away. Those proven relationships that exudes loyalty that is beyond words! Trust me it takes cultivation for those kinds of relationships. I am so blessed to have a few! I pray that this blog challenges you to think about and examine the relationships in your life. Go ahead make that call and begin the work and remember that cultivation is a process and is not always easy!

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