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Perfect for Each Other

This month my husband and I will celebrate forty years of being married and forty-one years of togetherness. At the time I met him I was just getting out of a relationship that was doomed and not open to enter another. But somehow that younger man won my heart and convinced me that I could love and trust again and here we are forty years later.

Neither one of us is perfect but I would say that we are perfect for each other. He is the one that I trust to keep my secrets and knows my strengths and my weaknesses and is not bothered by either of them. We are still working on communication as it can be an ongoing issue. But there are times that we know each other so well that it is scary!

With this pandemic going on we will have to come up with something rather creative to celebrate. If the pandemic were not an issue, we would probably renew our vows and go on a mini vacation to celebrate us! But it may just be a quiet candlelight dinner and a staycation. Oh, we will still celebrate us. We will celebrate our love, our friendship, our loyalty to each other and our accomplishments. We will pray together, thanking God that we are still alive to do what He has purposed for us and that we are well in mind and body.

I thank God for our relationship and especially that he is a man who loves the Lord. He is kind and gentle to me. He is an incredibly wise man and can still make me laugh after all these years. Yep, it is true that we may not be perfect people, but we are perfect for each other! Got a good 'un y'all!

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