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There are just times in my life that I can only describe as borderline, OVERWHELMED! Oh, it is not something that I particularly expect nor welcome, but sometimes if I am not careful OVERWHELMED has stalked me as the predator that it is and is ready to pounce at any moment! I know that I must stay sensitive and discerning to recognize when it has invaded my space. I must recognize when it has come into my personal neighborhood and is looking to see if I have left the door of my spiritual house unlocked or wide open. It is never my intention to allow anything in that does not belong and to do that I must recognize what OVERWHELMED looks like and even sounds like.

OVERWHELMED is a sneaky little imp that can disguise itself as so many little things that need my attention right away. It is like a whiny little kid that makes a demand and once I meet it or not it whines and if ignored; I will encounter the tantrum. OVERWHELMED always has a goal in mind. Its goal is to suck the very life out of me by choking me with its grip until I struggle to breath. Its goal is to hunt me down and chaste me until it overpowers me and then fall on me like a pile of bricks until the weight causes me to feel overburdened and too weak to get up! Its desire is to pummel me until I am lying in a heap battered and bruised- an emotional wreck! But God has another plan for me! I then remember, For no matter where I am, even when I’m far from home, I will cry out to you for a father’s help. When I’m feeble and overwhelmed by life, guide me into your glory, where I am safe and sheltered. Psalm 61:2 TPT

It is then that I take a deep breath. I breath in deeply. It helps me remember that I am still alive. I ask God to give me clarity as to why I am feeling the way that I am. I ask Him how I have gotten to the place that I say, “It’s too much or I cannot take anymore”. I do not pretend that the fear, anxiety or even anger is not there. I openly and honestly confess how I am feeling to the Father and I ask for help! I must make a conscious effort to not continue to do things the same way…repeatedly. I must decide to embrace the change that is needed to kick “OVERWHELMED” to the curb! I am alive and I fight to live another day. Sometimes it may come to not taking that call or not doing what someone else think I should. It is okay to say “NO” when so many, at times, are trying to force me to say, “YES”. You see I can choose to let some things go or hold on to the unnecessary. It was Bob Sanders whom I heard once say, “Get your stuff before your stuff gets you”. “OVERHELMED” can come disguised as “stuff” that needs to be gotten rid of. Rest assured that if you are living and breathing “OVERWHELMED” will come into your neighborhood and it will come to your door. Will it find your door unlocked or wide open?

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