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Our lives matter...we are a miracle!

Have you ever sat and thought about these physical bodies we have been gifted with? I know I have. It amazes me to think that the heart that beats and pumps blood throughout my body is the same heart that can love. My brain is an organ that is instrumental in how and when I speak and gain knowledge and dream.

What makes my fingers move over the keys as I am typing this blog? How do I choose what letters to put together to form words that form sentences that form paragraphs?

I am convinced that when God made us; He considered so many things. He knew what He was doing. However, I have questions. How did He form the first man Adam from dirt? Did He first create the bones and then cause them to come together? Did He then add muscle, tendon, veins and then cover them all with skin? And what did He do about the major organs? How did he cause them to settle into their perspective places?

I still have difficulty understanding that when a man and a woman come together, they create another complete human being with bone, organs, and flesh, like its parents. And for nine months that infant forms and grows inside of its mother and comes out of her kicking and screaming. That’s a miracle for me!

Why is there such disregard or indifference toward the miracle of life? What would cause a human being to torture, or maim, or kill another human being when we are the most precious and important and loved of all of God’s creation? What could drive a person to the place of “no hope” and commit suicide?

When I ponder human trafficking, especially when it involves children, it so saddens me I can almost not breathe. The goal of trafficking is to prey upon those who cannot defend themselves. This is beyond reprehensible! To kidnap or coerce a human being, created in the image of God, for forced labor, sexual slavery, or sexual exploitation is horrendous!

So, right now, would you thank God for life and not just life, but the abundant life in Him? Thank God for the lives of your family members and your neighbors. Ask Him what you can do today to let someone know they are important, loved, and valued. Let them know that their lives matter.

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