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Numbers Never End

My husband and I are elated to be the parents of two children. They are both grown and have children of their own so that makes me a “glam-ma”. There are special little things that each of them does that reminds me of just how much we love one another. With my daughter it is how when I call her, on the phone, she always says, “Hello beautiful” and I say to her, “Hello gorgeous.” It is something that (on the surface) appears to be so small but it is so special. It is a moment between my daughter and I that is priceless! I also am privileged to have that same kind of moment with my mom. It is how she always says, “I love you too baby” before she hangs up from our conversations. It is heartfelt things like this that just keep on reminding me that I am loved and appreciated.

When our son was little, I gave him a book, “Love You Forever” by Robert N. Munsch that I would read to him often. The hook in the book was, I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. And after I would read the book to him, he would always tell me, “I love you mommy.” Then I would ask him how much and he would always say, “Numbers never end.” To this day that is our thing. A little while ago as we were standing in the kitchen he said, “Love you ma” and I asked him, How much”? And he said, “Numbers never end”! To think that a children’s book influenced such a thing between a mother and her son is amazing and I have given that same book to his youngest son as well.

Our children grow up and they have children of their own, but one thing is sure…when we truly love them, they will love us back. They may even go through stages whereby they think they hate us and can hardly wait to get away from us and on their own. Just you keep right on loving them through it and hopefully one day the “I love you ma” will become a numbers never end moment.

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