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We are living in a world that is so fast-paced. I picture in my mind a cartoon whereby everything is in extremely fast motion. Every character is moving beyond what makes good sense. I am getting tired just thinking about it! And when I am extremely tired, I shut down. Most times I become irritable and the last thing on my mind is being kind! I might zone out to keep from biting some unsuspecting person’s head off! Can I get an amen?

This past weekend we, as a nation, celebrated Mother’s Day. The flower shops, department stores and Edible Arrangements did a lot of business. Oh, the phone calls and cards and dinners out were unmatched as those who could, got in touch with “mom” to let her know how much they appreciated her. These were “kind” things to do, and that is on my mind this morning… being kind.

To be kind is having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature. Being kind is quite the opposite of being harsh, inconsiderate, and selfish. There is just something about genuinely kind people. They are the ones who can enter a room filled with chaos and change it. Kind-hearted people are gentle, sympathetic and are genuinely concerned about what concerns you. They are also wise. Being kind does not make them weak. It takes a lot of strength, especially when a situation would warrant giving someone a good dressing down and choose not to.

There is someone reading this that needs to make a change, quickly. You have a choice. Please choose to be kind. It will keep you from that headache and the heartache that will follow if you do not. Please choose to walk away, take a deep breath and re-group. Do not allow anyone to make you do something that you will be sorry for later. Choose to be kind!

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