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Joy Can Still Be Found

It has been raining for the past 24 hours; the sun is not shining, and there has been yet another school shooting. I know my yard could use the rain, there are crops that need the rain and yet I don’t feel so joyful. I thank you God for all the days of sunshine, and I thank you for the rain too, but Lord, I am struggling with another shooting that has resulted in death and injury… both seen and unseen. There is certainly no joy in that!

We sang a song in service yesterday and part of the lyrics was, Jesus, the battle that I am fighting, you have already won! Now, that is a joyous reminder! It’s times like this that I must find something-everything to be grateful for. Because it is in gratitude that joy can be found.

I don’t mean to force feed you with mundane platitudes, but some things we must just praise our way through. Today is that kind of day. It may have been raining for more that 24 hours, but I thank God that my home is not flooded. The sun may not be shining, but I am grateful that the SON is shining on the inside of me. And yes, there has been another senseless school shooting, but I am grateful that what the enemy meant for evil…

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