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I Still Got It!

What I am about to explain happened to me a few years ago when my husband and I were living and working in the United Kingdom…

I took myself out to lunch today and once again decided that I am good company! As I was sitting in the food court and noticing/watching the people...there were the two women discussing loudly how one was an atheist and the other an agnostic. I silently prayed for them both and they had no idea that at that very moment there was someone sitting close by praying for their salvation. Suddenly, a lady who had been moments before sitting in the aisle across from me and who had gotten up and left came back and asked if I had seen her drop her keys. Of course, the answer was, "Sorry no" with an added suggestion to her to just trace back her steps. I then noticed a toddler who looked to be less than two years old sitting in the shopping cart having lunch with his mom and grandparents. Every time he looks over at me, he smiles, and I smile. Here we are the two of us passing smiles and giggles back and forth. His mom says that he is a ham, but I know that he knows a good-looking woman when he sees one! Hah!

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