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I Love People!

I am a lover of people! That’s right. I am coming clean. I really love people. But I cannot take credit for it. I only love people because God loves me. It is only because of Him that I can make this confession. It is because of His extravagant, gracious, and merciful love that He has for me that I can love people.

The first person that I love is me. I love this ole gal! I love the way that I love. I love me with all my faults, attitudes, and habits both good and bad. I am good company too. Even when there is no one else around and all I have is me. I am not alone. No, I do not have any imaginary friends, but my Lord is always there even when I cannot feel Him nor see Him.

I love, “Papa Bear”. My big teddy bear of a husband is not perfect, but he is the perfect man for me, and I love him! He spoils me rotten so much so that I must keep him because nobody else would put up with me! And I equally spoil him so much so that he knows how much he is loved and has the good sense to keep this ole gal!

I love my children. I am blessed to have a daughter and a son. I love them with all my heart, and I love the people that they are becoming. They are not perfect but then neither am I. I love phone calls from my daughter and her, “Hello beautiful” just makes my day. Our, “Don’t do it” moments are life changing for the both of us. She is my mini me and I love her to the moon and back. I love phone calls from my son even after midnight when nothing is wrong, and he makes me laugh until my sides hurt. He is a big guy, and no one would ever guess how sensitive and loving and kind he is.

I love him to pieces!

I love my grandchildren. I am not one of those sappy grannies that must have her grands around her all the time and fall to pieces when they are not. No, I let them know how much they are loved on a regular, see them when I can and pray for them always. Prayer and being there when needed is one of the greatest displays of love that there is.

I love my extended family. We are a large family and spread apart but there is no distance when you really love someone. I love them the best I can from afar and ask the Lord for doors of opportunity to put my love for them in action.

I just love people. I love the people that God connects me with, and I pray that they know it. I do the best I can to let them know that they are loved and appreciated and respected.

I still believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe. There is just something so pure and reverent about love that it will cause you to do the right thing even if you do not want to. It will cause you to forgive even when you do not want to. It will cause you to say the right thing even when you just cannot. Love will slay the giants of hate, offense, sadness, and shame. Love will build up and encourage and unite and strengthen. It may sound sappy but it is still the truth!

I woke up this morning with “love” on my mind. I challenge you to “show” someone that you really love them and do it today. Word of caution; you may not immediately get that love returned but it will make you feel so much better!

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