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Hey, posse, let's ride!

Now I have already mentioned in other blogs how much I love westerns or shoot em’ ups. And I am choosey about the ones I like to watch even though there may be commonalties in all of them. Which brings me to the term posse. Usually if someone came up missing or a crime had been committed and they needed to catch the culprit or find the missing person the sheriff would get a group of men together and form a posse to get the job done. He knew that one could not do it alone. He knew that it would take a group effort.

Last last week I was hit with an unexpected event that caught me completely off guard. Sometimes things just happen that we do not see coming! But thank God for the posse! I was able to text a few that I knew without a shadow of a doubt would drop everything, git on those horses and say, “Let’s ride!” And ride we did. As those faithful ones prayed for me, almost immediately, I felt strong again. I felt faith rising and the sense that we were going on the offense to get back my peace, my joy and anything else that the enemy was attempting to rob me of! I was not alone.

Everybody ought to have a posse. A posse does not have to be a large group either. Even if it is just one besides you; you are still in the majority. Remember, where two or three are gathered in the Name of the Lord He is there too and riding a white stallion!

I hear the sound of the hooves as they pound the ground going after and taking back everything that is yours and mine. Come on saints, “Let’s ride!”

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