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Going Through

We have all been through something at one time or another. We find ourselves “going through” situations and circumstances that are extremely difficult. We know that people are praying for us. We know that God is on our side and that He will never leave us nor forsake us and yet we find ourselves weary. We are tired and inside we scream, “When Lord? How long must I endure this? I am tired!” You are at the point whereby you do not want to hear another cliché. You do not want to hear another person say, “I am praying for you”. All you want is out! Ever been there? I know I have, and I know countless others who are there right now. I say to you, “You will make it through!”

The word through might not seem like much but it carries a lot of weight. Through means just what it says. You enter and you come out on the other side. Years ago, my husband and I lived in Zotzenbach, Germany. It was a tiny village and they built a tunnel to remedy problems with traffic enroute to the autobahn. It shaved off about 15-20 minutes not having to go through the surrounding villages. Before we entered the tunnel, we knew that we had to turn on our car lights as the further we got into the tunnel the darker it became. But it did not worry us because we knew that we would make it to the other side. I am reminded that no matter how dark it gets, no matter difficult it becomes; we will make it through to the other side. God has promised us:

Lord, even when your path takes me through the valley of deepest darkness, fear will never conquer me, for you already have! You remain close to me and lead me through it all the way. Your authority is my strength and my peace. [a]The comfort of your love takes away my fear. I’ll never be lonely, for you are near. Psalm 23:4 The Passion Translation

When you pass through[a] the deep, stormy sea, you can count on me to be there with you. When you pass through raging rivers, you will not drown. When you walk through persecution like fiery flames, you will not be burned; the flames will not harm you, for I am your Savior, Yahweh, your mighty God, the Holy One of Israel! I give up Egypt as the price to set you free, Cush and Seba in exchange to bring you back. [b] Isaiah 43:2-3 The Passion Translation

Be encouraged if you feel stuck. Sometimes it may take a little longer than you planned to make it through the tunnel, and you are getting antsy because you cannot see what is causing the delay. The one thing that I am assured of is that you will make it through to the other side and you are not alone!

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