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Get Up and Get Moving!

For about three weeks now I have cut down on my sugar intake, watched my portions and I have only lost one pound! One lousy pound! I know that it will take time and that I must add exercise to the mix. Oh, and before any of you do-gooders respond telling me that, I already know it. I just lack the motivation right now to get up and get moving! Now, be honest, has any of you ever been there? I know that the weight would come off faster if I just got up and went for daily walks or put on my “Walk Away the Pounds” and followed along. But for some reason I had rather sit at this computer trying to play catch up on all the things that I have allowed to fall behind, and exercise just does not do it for me right now.

My husband is quite the opposite. He gets up, faithfully after working all night and goes for his daily walk. He just looks at me as he heads out the door. Bless his heart, he knows better than to say a word to me about my lack of motivation. I cheerfully tell him to be careful as I gaze at my Fitbit lying on the coffee table.

Oh, motivation where art thou? Where are you desire and willingness? Okay, I get it! I am not willing to get up and get moving. I have no desire to get up and get moving! I am not willing to turn on my exercise DVD and follow along. I am not willing to go outside and walk. Y’all pray for me! I am willing to sit for just a bit longer and catch up on what I have allowed to get behind. I do desire to become healthier. Come on mind set it is time for a change. Come on body you need this! As I try and convince myself!

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