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Don't Forget To Say Thanks!

The story of Jesus healing the ten and only one of them coming back to him and saying thank you has always and will always bewilder me. One of the reasons is because being thankful and expressing it has been woven into who I am since I was a small child. Back then they started off by giving us something and then telling us to say, “Tata”. It meant thank you in “baby talk”. When we went to primary school, we were taught manners by our teachers for the most part. When someone did something for you, we said thank you. When we needed to interrupt someone while they were talking, before we said a word we would say, “Excuse me”. When asked a question during class we had to raise our hands and then wait until we were called upon before we gave the answer.

Later, as I got older and wiser when someone gave me a gift or did something kind, I would personally send a handwritten thank you card. I still try my best to do that to this day! You see there is just something about being grateful and expressing it. There is just something about being appreciative. It shows respect and it says I value your worth, and your kindness to me. It says I am not privileged, and I am humbled by your gesture. How powerful is that?

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