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Comfort Please

Today has not started out very well for me. That is probably the case for millions of others around the globe. The entire planet is in crisis mode, but that serves to remind me that my hope is in the Lord. Because I am a Christian when one of my brothers or sisters is hurting or rejoicing, I am right there with them.

We laugh and dance and high five and praise the goodness of God through His manifold blessings to us when we are happy. But what do we do when the heartache comes? What do we do when things happen that are just out of our control? What do we say to someone whose heart is just breaking? Do we quote Scripture knowing that if He said it, that settles it? They may or may not receive what we say. Sometimes the heartache goes so deep that not one word will bring comfort. It is at those times that the only comfort that we can give is to be present as best we can and pray... inwardly, silently; asking the Holy Spirit to comfort as only He can. It is just something about the love of the Father working in us and moving through us that calms and settles and brings peace.

I would rather have every day to be one of joy and peace. I would love to get to the place in God where nothing shook me. There are still some things that shake me. I have not arrived yet. But there is one thing that I am convinced of; although I am shaken, God has never forsaken. He is always with us, even when we don’t feel Him. He is reliable and can be trusted to be that very present help in time of trouble! Can I get an amen?

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