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An Accident Waiting To Happen

A few days ago, I was coming out of the exchange on one of the military bases. I was wondering what was taking my husband so long as he was paying for the items and I assumed that he was right behind me. Suddenly as I entered the parking area, I saw two cars backing out at precisely the same time. It was obvious that neither were looking in their rear-view mirrors. I gasped as I was too far away for them to hear my “STOP” and in aspiration I threw up both my hands as they slowly crashed into each other. Both young soldiers got out of their cars, assessed the damage, determined that it was minor or insignificant, got into their cars and drove off. Neither seemed concerned, they just kept it moving! Right after that incident another person sped into the parking lot into a parking space driving so fast that it was frightening! I wondered if he were even remotely concerned that he could possibly be the cause of an accident.

Okay so what lesson or lessons could possibly come out of what I witnessed besides the regular rules of the road? Well, how about sometimes when we least expect it, accidents and incidents can happen. Things can just come our way that could have been prevented had we taken the time to be watchful and wise. How many times have I been given that nudge on the inside that something was coming and ignored it? Then after what I had been warned about happened, I wanted to just kick myself? How many times has the Lord sent people our way to talk with us about our lives-situations in our lives and we refused to take heed because we thought that we knew better?

You know we are living in times when we truly do need all the “wise counsel” that we can get! Oh, may we pay attention to the gentle nudging that is given to keep us safe and at peace. He really is concerned about everything that concerns us…Proverbs 12:15 - The way of a fool [is] right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel [is] wise.

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