We Need You!

It is our mission to become a resource agent, for women, who have a deep desire to fulfill their God given destinies. We will accomplish this by facilitating in serving through intercession, information, relationship, fellowship and networking.

Watch Him Move Prayer Team “Women on the Wall”

According to Matthew 7:7-10, prayer is an opportunity to approach the greatest father of all time and openly express our needs and desires and ask for help! But could the God of the Universe really care about the little details of my life? This is the heart of the Christian message – that God cares deeply about each one of us and has provided a way for us to have an authentic, intimate relationship with him. Prayer is one of the incredible blessings of the Christian faith, for the more we believe, the more God reveals himself.

At times we may be tempted to pray to God as if He were a genie in a bottle. We hope that, if we are lucky, He will hear and act according to our wishes. Rather than using God as a means to an end, in prayer God is the end. As believers we pray trusting in the character and power of God.

Praying people have reported miracles and answers to prayer that they never would have imagined and certainly couldn’t have created on their own. They believe that prayer made the difference. Imagine a miracle that you would like to see – maybe for a sick relative, a child receive salvation or a seemingly hopeless situation. Could prayer be your answer? Could miracles become your experience?

Prayer is a fundamental part of this ministry, we do nothing without prayer! ‘Watch Him Move’ is our team of anointed intercessors from USA and Europe who meet weekly on a conference call to pray for the ministry, the body of Christ and submitted prayer requests. Since its inception in 2006 we have experienced salvations, healings, deliverance, restoration and many miracles through the power of prayer.

Through the many years of praying together we can testify that:

  • Prayer is paramount to the hearing of and obedience to the will of God.
  • Commitment is an essential expression of obedience to the Father.
  • Sacrifice – Both prayer and commitment means sacrifice on the part of everyone called to pray.

God’s Apple Ladies (G.A.L.S) Certified Bible Study Groups

In fulfilling the vision and mission of women being saved and set free by the power of God and sent forth, empowered by the Holy Spirit to make an impact upon the world; we introduce you to In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc. God’s Apple Ladies (GALs)!

These groups start with the first book in the series, Embracing the Love of the Fatherwhich includes the Study Companion and Journal. The study groups are small, no more than 10 women to a group that meet once a month. There is a leader and a co-leader and as the groups grow; the co- leader starts another group. During their monthly sessions there is a time of sharing life experiences as they study the word of God.It is also a time of earnestly praying for one another. There will also be webcam sessions once a quarter as the Founder meets with each group for a time of prayer and to stay connected. The groups will then meet at the annual conferences.

The groups are comprised of God’s Apple Ladies – His brown eyed, blue eyed, green eyed, black-eyed beauties! Each study group is unique yet they serve a common purpose; to help facilitate each woman of God in becoming the best servant that they can be for His kingdom. Ladies, we are a force to be reckoned with!

We currently have Bible Study groups in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany (English and German). We are connected in the sisterhood of the love of the Father, globally!

Annual and Biennial Gatherings

IHIWOE gatherings are always a highlight as we come together from different countries to busk in the Father’s presence. We can testify that so many lives have been changed, transformed and renewed over the years; many lives restored in the plans and purposes of God. We will be delighted to have you join us at any of the forthcoming gatherings.