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God's Apple Ladies


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In fulfilling the vision and mission of women being saved and set free by the power of God and sent forth, empowered by the Holy Spirit to make an impact upon the world; we introduce you to In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc. God’s Apple Ladies (G.A.L.S)!

These SMALL group bible studies are no more than 10 women to a group that meet once a month.  There is a leader and a co-leader and as the groups grow; the co- leader starts another group. During their monthly sessions there is a time of sharing life experiences as they study the word of God using the In His Image Certified study books. Each book contains the study companion and journal.  It is also a time of earnestly praying for one another.  

The groups are comprised of God's Apple Ladies- His brown eyed, blue eyed, green eyed, black-eyed beauties!  Each study group is unique yet they serve a common purpose; to help facilitate each woman of God in becoming the best servant that they can be for His kingdom. In His Image is not a church and therefore the intent is not to take the place of the local church but to empower God's women to go back into their local churches, healed and whole, with a greater sense of who they are, how much they are loved and the authority that they possess because of His grace! Ladies, we are a force to be reckoned with!

Currently, there are groups in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany (both English and German speaking groups).  We are connected in the sisterhood of the love of the Father, globally!