Because In His Image Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc. operates on the basis of donations, special contributions, gifts and funding from the general public, the Executive Officers, Directors and Staff of the Ministry have set high standards of receiving and distributing the finances intended for the ministry.

The ministry uses all contributions, gifts, and donations designated for the ministry to support the Ministry of In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc., its projects, staff, and Outreach programs.

The ministry guards against engaging in any form of activity that compromises our Christian ethics as it relates to finances. The ministry does not use ministry funds for investment purposes.

The ministry keeps accurate books and records of all contributions, donations and gifts and offers tax receipts to those who request them after the end of each year.

The ministry does not and will not sell names of those on our e-mail lists to any other organization.


WHEREAS it is the desire of the Executive Officers and its Board of Directors to ensure that the ministry maintains the highest levels of credibility, integrity, and accountability.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors approves the following statement of Accountability to be approved and to be followed by the Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Staff, and all others who would in the future become directly connected to and are a part of In His Image Women of Excellence.