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Author Vera LeRay Warner

At the time I wrote my first book; I wrote it just to prove to myself that there was a writer inside begging to be released. My husband and I were living and working in Bad Aibling,, Germany. I was working at the military post library and being surrounded by books must have had a great influence upon me as well. By the time the book was published the towers had been hit and we, as a nation, found ourselves at war. Many soldiers came to that library on their way to the Middle East and I gave away copies for them to send back home to their moms. I tell you God afforded me very unusual opportunities to be used by Him. 

In later years He gave me the idea for the certified small group bible studies and GALS was started using "Embracing the Love of the Father." All four books have since been published in English, German and Spanish and have been taken into Honduras and Cuba and given to women there. 

Most recently, God has activated the gift of healing in my life through laughter. Thus, "Off the Chain and Out of the Box." I am one blessed lady, and it has only been because of His grace and mercy that I am able to put pen to paper and deliver something that may not be perfect, but my prayer is that it will always be a blessing to the reader!



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A Little Bit of My Story...

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, ordained minister, bible teacher, motivational speaker and author. I have been blessed to have traveled all over the world while serving my country as an airman in the United States Air Force as well as being married to a soldier in the United States Army. Mike and I have been together for more than 40 years which provides loads of life lessons to be shared with whomever will listen.

I am also CEO and founder of In His Image: Women of Excellence Ministries, Inc. and the past twenty years have been nothing but miraculous. I have witnessed how God can give a vision and direction and protection and provision and increase!  When God said, "You will minister to many women." He said what He meant and meant what He said. What a journey it has been and I am looking ahead to the best years of my life...God, me and and all whom He has called to come on this journey with me! Watch Out Now! We are on the move!


Go on and visit her website and have a look around. You will be blessed!

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