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Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

DWOD At A Glance

A Distinct Identity

Divine Women of Destiny is a ministry that was birthed from discerning the cause of the tears of hurting and wounded young women all over the world. Realizing the need for a safe environment that allows young women to be themselves. Open and transparent without the fear of judgement.


The mentors of this ministry have made themselves readily available. The younger women are able to glean from the wisdom of seasoned, Godly women who are not just surviving, but who are thriving in this thing called "Life".


Our vision is to provide young women with unlimited opportunities to experience a complete metamorphosis into the gracious, and beautiful women that God created them to be.

Image by David Travis


Becoming the woman you desire, one brick at a time!

Our mission is to foster spiritual, personal and interpersonal growth in our young women through one-on-one mentoring, bible study and interactive group activities.

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